The Most Common Types Of Wooden Fences

Wood has long been in use and, it’s one of the most popular materials for fencing. While wood fencing in the past seemed rustic and traditional, now it can take any shape you want, depending on the style you want to choose. In most cases, wooden fences offer privacy, beauty, and security. So, to help you decide which type you want to install, here are some tips and tricks which can help you.


The privacy fence is any fence that is constructed so it is stable and cannot be seen through. They are usually built to be 8 feet tall, and they are installed to protect your property. So, there are several types of wooden fences, which can offer you privacy.


This type of fence is built from wooden panels, which are mounted side by side on horizontal rails. In most cases, the tops are usually pointed, which prevents any intrusion and people from climbing the fence.


A dog-eared privacy fence is also constructed side by side, using the vertical panels, but the tops of each section are scooped downward. So, if you want a soft appearance, then this is the perfect type of you.

Partial lattice

Partial latticePartial lattice privacy fences have vertical panels on the bottom, but on the top, it features lattice. This lets the sunlight come through the fence and gives your yard an airy appearance, without compromising your privacy.

Split – rail

Split – rail has a rustic look, and it is easy to install and construct, so it is usually used when homeowners want to define their border of their yard, without spending too much money. It can’t offer you any protection, but if you have animals, it can keep them inside. It is constructed out of timbers and vertical posts which are placed every eight feet.

Post and rail

Post and rail fence is similar to split-rail fencing, but instead of timbers, homeowners use finished posts and rails. In this case, the fence has a more polished look and modern design.


PicketPicket is the most commonly used fence in the United States. The low picket fence is usually used for decorative purposes, and taller types can be used to contain smaller dogs and children, but it can’t provide you any significant protection.